About us:

We were born of a dream: to create games.

Fanny Pack Studios is an independent game development studio founded in January 2022 in Buenos Aires. Since then, we formed a work team based on common criteria and values. As a studio, we value working with open source software. Today, we are a team of young people with a shared passion for video games and a strong influence from internet culture.

Our goal is to make our studio a place that allows us to express ourselves and create what we love. Together, we strive to take care of and improve the studio, so that it becomes the ideal environment for our work and creativity.


We produce high-quality video games and digital experiences for the international market, expressing elements of our culture and identity, and showcasing places and aesthetics that represent us.


To become a national and Latin American benchmark in the video game industry with international recognition for our products, their content, their quality and their identity.