April 23, 2023

ADVA+ and ITJoven

ADVA+ and ITJoven

Runa and the Legacy of ChaikurĂș can now be found in ADVA’s catalog of Argentine games, “ADVA+,” starting in April. 49 national games were selected for this catalog, and thanks to it, the games can be regularly exhibited at various fairs and events throughout the country, allowing for greater exposure and allowing more people to try them out.

This was the case at ITJoven, an event held from April 19 to 23 at Tecnopolis, where different references from the country’s technology industry were exhibited, so that young people can learn about all the opportunities that the field of technology and innovation offers. The event featured workshops, conferences, training, talks, interactive spaces, digital experiences, and live shows.

In addition, there was a space dedicated to video games where the ADVA+ catalog was exhibited, and all attendees could try Runa or any of the other 48 games exhibited there. This event provided an excellent opportunity for game developers to showcase their work to a wider audience and demonstrate the diversity and innovation present in the Argentine game industry.