April 27, 2023

Steam Next Fest is coming!

Steam Next Fest is coming!

Steam Next Fest is an event that takes place on the Steam platform, organized by Valve Corporation, and it is a unique opportunity for independent video game developers to showcase their upcoming titles to the gaming community before the official release. During the event, players can access demos of the games and provide feedback to the developers. In this way, developers can obtain valuable feedback about their game and make improvements based on community responses.

Steam Next Fest is a great opportunity for developers to showcase their games to a global audience and gain greater exposure. Additionally, players have the opportunity to discover new games and get an exclusive preview of the titles that are yet to come.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce that Runa and the Legacy of ChaikurĂș will have its place in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, which will take place from June 19th to 26th. We are excited to present the game to a global audience and receive valuable feedback from the gaming community.

We will soon be sharing more updates about our participation in the event!